MTMi was founded in 2010 to create inventive solutions to safely and discretely carrying around your personal belongings, necessities, and of course your goods.  The iStash is designed to carry a wide range of products including business cards, credit cards, cash, ID's, gum, cigarettes, lighters, makeup, and even jewelry.  The iStash is your brand new, technologically savvy alternative to a wallet.  Get yours at our Secure Online Store today!

No joke the best purchase I've made all year!  Definitely made Coachella, EDC, TAO, and Smoke Out way more of a breeze!–Tyler P.

I use my iStash every weekend, I'll never go to a show without it again.  No one ever suspects it's anything but a phone.–Nate D.

Every time I pull it out at a show, everyone around me asks "where'd you get that?!"–Eric T.